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Brief introduction of Ecological Tourism Industry Park - Five Fingers Group project



In 2012, Hebei Durkin industrial to respond positively to the Xingtai municipal Party committee, municipal government & ldquo; also Xingtai Blue Mountains and green waters, walk the road of development of Ecological & rdquo; call to determine a & ldquo; green development into Ecological Agriculture & rdquo; the grand goal, investment 3 billion yuan to develop the Shahe Wuzhishan ecological tourism industry park. By the end of April 2013, has invested more than 5500 million yuan to build the road, climbing stairs and ecological water engineering. Among them, 15 km of roads in the scenic spot for 2012, the largest private investment in Hebei Province, mileage longest highway in mountainous area.


Wuzhi Mountain Ecological Tourism Industry Park, in carrying out the Taihang Mountain fruit planting base, to promote the development of the tourist industry, and gradually build to become the unique characteristics of ecological fruit industry and the original ecological tourism industry combining the industrial park. The ongoing fruit tree grafting and quality Guomiao planted, after the completion of the project will benefit from the surrounding 15 villages, more than 50000 villagers become eco city construction, implement the forerunner of the central document, the main force.


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