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Yingbin Hotel Shahe city water just.



Hebei Glass Co., Ltd. Durkin's just water guesthouse located in Shahe City People's road and new road intersection, the people's Park to the East, South Garden, restaurant, supermarket, shopping mall, the geographical position is superior, convenient transportation for Shahe City, the only a quasi four star hotel.

Shahe just water Yingbin Hotel, 9 storey, accommodation, catering, entertainment, a total area of Erwansanqianyu square meters. Has all kinds of comfortable rooms, room facilities, and modern furniture, LCD TV warm high speed internet access and fashion features. Hotel elegant styles of Chinese and Western restaurants, main Huaiyang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and local dishes. Hotel dining rooms, with a total of 14, the overall decoration with lotus as the theme, in Hebei Province famous attractions and the island of the motherland named. Improve the function of the multi function hall can accommodate 500 people, at the same time, with three small meeting rooms, well-equipped, perfect function, can be for guests according to different requirements of multiple choice, for you to create Xingtai, Shahe area most influential, the most imposing banquet and conference service, is the preferred place for your wedding banquets, business meetings, conferences and training.

 Shahe just water guesthouse recreation center is provided with a table tennis room, chess room, fitness center and KTV etc. comprehensive entertainment facilities, let guests to stay at home, you can enjoy one-stop entertainment services; have Shahe area at the same time the most luxurious the best spa resort, and the city's largest indoor heated swimming pool, for you to write an Asia sensory care standards, freehand relax and refresh your mind spa experience in your, enjoy the comfortable and healthy quality of life .

Shahe just water Yingbin Hotel sincerely look forward to your visit !

Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd.

Address: three Shahe Road, Hebei Economic Development Zone No. 26 weft

Tel:0319-8848 555 / 777 / 158

Fax:0319-8848 168 / 111

Hebei Dejin Industrial Co., Ltd.
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