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“Ten Don’ts” for Electricity Operations

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1、Uncertified electricians are not permitted to install electrical equipment;
2、It is forbidden to play with electrical equipment and switches;
3、It is forbidden to start electrical equipment with warning signs or pull off the fuses;
4、It is not allowed to use electrical equipment bearing insulation damages;
5、It is not allowed to use electric equipment and bulbs for heating;
6、It is not allowed to rinse or clean electrical equipment with water;
7、It is not allowed to replace the fuse with another one with nonconforming capacities when it is blown;
8、It is not allowed to pile or break the ground at any places with underground cables without undergoing any formalities;
9、In the case of electric shock accidents, cut off the power immediately; never touch the shocked person before the disconnection of the power;
10、During thunder and lightning, stay away from lightning arresters.

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