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Zhengzhou Futures Company visited the company

Number of visits: Date:2013-06-07 09:21:41

On the morning of April 27, led by Zhengzhou Futures Company, more than 30 people from various futures companies visited the company .

Founded on October 12, 1990, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is the first futures market test unit through approval of the State Council of China. The exchange officially carried out futures trading on May 28, 1993 after spot goods forward trading had successfully run for two years. In August 1998, the exchange was identified as one of three futures exchanges of China by the State Council of China and subjected to vertical management of CSRC. As the authority organ of the exchange, a general meeting is made up of all the members. The exchange has more than 200 members who spread 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. A council, a standing body of the general meeting, has 7 special committees. As a legal representative, the general manager of the exchange sets up internal functional departments according to working requirements.

General Manager, Fan Jianxiang introduced the current state and future planning of the company in detail at a meeting room on the 10th floor of the company and exchanged the business strategies of the company since appearance of glass futures on the market with the responsible people of the futures companies. All spoke out freely in a warm atmosphere. Participants were still unwilling to part after the whole meeting lasted more than 1 hour. General Manager, Fan Jianxiang exchanged business cards with the responsible people of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange each other and looked forward to further exchange and cooperation.

After the meeting ended, the participants, with strong interest, visited the company, spoke highly of construction and products of the company and hoped to make further exchange with the company.


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