As a responsible large industrial enterprises, Durgin company will always green production, energy-saving emission reduction ideas blend in every aspect of a production. Has cost about 8000000 yuan to introduce the flowers and trees to plant greening space. In such aspects: (a), about 24000000 yuan investment for the transformation of oxygen enriched combustion. (two), 15 million 100 thousand yuan investment in high power electrical equipment company of inverter. (three) investment, 150 million yuan to complete the desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal project construction, environmental protection facilities, was named the national energy saving advanced enterprises. (four) investment, 230 million yuan construction of the building materials industry, the country's largest 37MW waste heat power plant.

Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd.

Address: three Shahe Road, Hebei Economic Development Zone No. 26 weft

Tel:0319-8848 555 / 777 / 158

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Hebei Dejin Industrial Co., Ltd.
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