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Introduction to Desheng Glass Deep-processing Science Park



Hebei Dejin Industry is a large enterprise integrating the production and deep processing of sheet glass, mining exploration, eco-tourism exploitation, international logistics and trade into a whole. In April 2012, in order to further enhance the company’s core competitiveness, extend the industrial chain and make Shahe glass industry bigger and stronger, Dejin invested RMB 1.6 billion in building the “Desheng Glass Deep Processing Science Park” project. This project is located in Shahe Economic Development Center, Hebei with an area of 500mu, and has been rated as Hebei Key Construction Project for two consecutive years; was named “Technical Enterprise Incubator”, “Technology-type SME” and “Top 10 Outstanding Cultural Enterprises”; and is famous as “University Students Innovative Undertaking Base”, “Small Enterprise Incubator Park”, “Green Product Production Base” and “Technological Innovation Product Production Base” mainly supported by the provincial, local and municipal governments. Currently, there have been 55 deep processing enterprises stationed in the park and Dejin has solved policy, technology and capital three development bottlenecks for the stationed businesses. Currently, the park can consume 1.8 million weight cases of sheet glass per year, realizes an annual output value of RMB 5.5 billion and arranges over 3,000 social labor workers to work here. In the park, traditional deep processing technologies and high technologies combine organically, successfully integrating glass with culture and art into one and developing a series of unique glass culture products. The park now boasts China’s largest production scale in art glass mirrors, the highest technical content in aluminum mirror and antique mirror production lines in north China, and the largest single line production capacity. Furthermore, the park has China’s first large-scale glass wall tile, floor tile and kitchen and bathroom products; and the world’s largest manual jade sculpture world map (20m*8m), which has applied for a Guinness record. Moreover, around 450 varieties of products that have been developed in the park including melting crystal jade glass, nanometer film coated colored crystal technology, and leather carving decorative profiles have won national patent certification.

In a development concept of “Leading Technology, Keen Progress, Green & Environmentally Friendly”, the park has formed alliance with China’s top universities like Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Tongji University. The crystallized stone glass developed in the park is a green eco-friendly upstart in the glass family. Such glass turns “waste” into wealth, achieves energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can replace all building stones – this project has filled up the blank in Chinese market. The world challenge of colored glass toughening has been successfully tackled by the park and this high-tech research achievement will come out within the year. 5D glass is also successfully developed and will be transformed into products within the year.

“Five News and Two Highs”, that is “New Ideas, New Technology, New Energy, New Material, New Products” and “High Environmental Protection, High Technology” are the development goal of the science park. Under the guidance of this goal, the park will be built into China’s first-class glass deep processing science park and make outstanding contribution to the rapid and healthy development of local economy and the society.

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