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Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co. Ltd.

  Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd. was established in February 2012, is a collection research and development, production and sales as one of modern science and technology enterprises. The company is located in known as the & ldquo; Chinese Glass City & rdquo; said the Hebei Province Shahe City gold hundred industrial zone weft road Desheng science and technology park. Now has four standards of steel structure workshop, covers an area of about 30000 square meters, with domestic the biggest Glass Engraver Machine shop and domestic most advanced automatic printing line, glass spray coating line. The production and sales of imitation marble, imitation jade, imitation wood art glass by domestic and foreign customers 。
  Company chairman Liu Yongjie, male, 37 years old, Bachelor degree. In 2000 to start a business. Since the beginning of 2007, Liu Yongjie have developed color spray glass, ice composite process of glass; 2010, Xingtai Jinhui glass become of Hebei Province, the first introduction of computer engraving technology innovation of science and technology enterprise. 2011 Jinhui glass first out of all pollution process, in the same industry pioneered the use of water-based paint spray coating process, assembly line production of painted glass. In early 2012 the first to develop a series of thermal transfer marble glass, computer engraving glass series, laser engraving glass. Products won several national patents, in the industry known as the development of new products and reputation of the king. At the beginning of 2013, Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd. become Shahe City Art Decorative Glass Association governing units; in November 2013, Liu Yongjie is Xingtai Municipal Communist Youth League, Xingtai City of human resources and Social Security Bureau, Xingtai City Youth Federation and the Xingtai daily jointly awarded the & ldquo; Xingtai City outstanding young & rdquo; honorary title.
  The company chairman Liu Yongjie on his success at the same time, active service of college graduates employment and re employment of laid-off workers to help. By the end of 2013, Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd., absorb college graduates more than 40 people, laid-off workers, rural surplus labor 200 people. In 2013, the Shahe Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League to establish employment training base of college students in Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co. Ltd.
  In recent years, Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd. business continues to expand the scale, influence has become increasingly prominent, accelerating the upgrading of enterprises; Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd., will enhance the enterprise staff's & ldquo; transformation and Upgrading & rdquo; improve the staff's professional quality, optimize the allocation of enterprise talent, for the further development of the company lay good foundation.
  Xingtai Jinhui Glass Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the market-oriented, constantly to specialty products and perfect system solutions for domestic and foreign customers to provide a full range of quality services, and strive to be the first brand of Chinese decorative glass industry. Jinhui shoulder to create our beautiful home environment of social responsibility, in the future development of Jinhui will be brand new strength to show in front of the world, the icing on the cake of the home environment of human being!

Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd.

Address: three Shahe Road, Hebei Economic Development Zone No. 26 weft

Tel:0319-8848 555 / 777 / 158

Fax:0319-8848 168 / 111


Hebei Dejin Industrial Co., Ltd.
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